Source code for searx.babel_extract

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
# lint: pylint
"""This module implements the :origin:`searxng_msg <babel.cfg>` extractor to
extract messages from:

- :origin:`searx/searxng.msg`

The ``searxng.msg`` files are selected by Babel_, see Babel's configuration in

    searxng_msg = searx.babel_extract.extract
    [searxng_msg: **/searxng.msg]

A ``searxng.msg`` file is a python file that is *executed* by the
:py:obj:`extract` function.  Additional ``searxng.msg`` files can be added by:

1. Adding a ``searxng.msg`` file in one of the SearXNG python packages and
2. implement a method in :py:obj:`extract` that yields messages from this file.

.. _Babel:


from os import path

SEARXNG_MSG_FILE = "searxng.msg"
_MSG_FILES = [path.join(path.dirname(__file__), SEARXNG_MSG_FILE)]

[docs] def extract( # pylint: disable=unused-argument fileobj, keywords, comment_tags, options, ): """Extract messages from ``searxng.msg`` files by a custom extractor_. .. _extractor: """ if not in _MSG_FILES: raise RuntimeError("don't know how to extract messages from %s" % namespace = {} exec(, {}, namespace) # pylint: disable=exec-used for name in namespace['__all__']: for k, v in namespace[name].items(): yield 0, '_', v, ["%s['%s']" % (name, k)]