Source code for searx.enginelib

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
# lint: pylint
"""Engine related implementations

.. note::

   The long term goal is to modularize all relevant implementations to the
   engines here in this Python package.  In addition to improved modularization,
   this will also be necessary in part because the probability of circular
   imports will increase due to the increased typification of implementations in
   the future.


   - move :py:obj:`searx.engines.load_engine` to a new module `searx.enginelib`.

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import Union, Dict, List, Callable, TYPE_CHECKING

    from searx.enginelib import traits

[docs]class Engine: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """Class of engine instances build from YAML settings. Further documentation see :ref:`general engine configuration`. .. hint:: This class is currently never initialized and only used for type hinting. """ # Common options in the engine module engine_type: str """Type of the engine (:origin:`searx/search/processors`)""" paging: bool """Engine supports multiple pages.""" time_range_support: bool """Engine supports search time range.""" safesearch: bool """Engine supports SafeSearch""" language_support: bool """Engine supports languages (locales) search.""" language: str """For an engine, when there is ``language: ...`` in the YAML settings the engine does support only this one language: .. code:: yaml - name: google french engine: google language: fr """ region: str """For an engine, when there is ``region: ...`` in the YAML settings the engine does support only this one region:: .. code:: yaml - name: google belgium engine: google region: fr-BE """ fetch_traits: Callable """Function to to fetch engine's traits from origin.""" traits: traits.EngineTraits """Traits of the engine.""" # settings.yml categories: List[str] """Specifies to which :ref:`engine categories` the engine should be added.""" name: str """Name that will be used across SearXNG to define this engine. In settings, on the result page ..""" engine: str """Name of the python file used to handle requests and responses to and from this search engine (file name from :origin:`searx/engines` without ``.py``).""" enable_http: bool """Enable HTTP (by default only HTTPS is enabled).""" shortcut: str """Code used to execute bang requests (``!foo``)""" timeout: float """Specific timeout for search-engine.""" display_error_messages: bool """Display error messages on the web UI.""" proxies: dict """Set proxies for a specific engine (YAML): .. code:: yaml proxies : http: socks5://proxy:port https: socks5://proxy:port """ disabled: bool """To disable by default the engine, but not deleting it. It will allow the user to manually activate it in the settings.""" inactive: bool """Remove the engine from the settings (*disabled & removed*).""" about: dict """Additional fileds describing the engine. .. code:: yaml about: website: wikidata_id: Q306656 official_api_documentation: use_official_api: true require_api_key: true results: HTML """