Source code for searx.enginelib

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Implementations of the framework for the SearXNG engines.

.. hint::

   The long term goal is to modularize all implementations of the engine
   framework here in this Python package.  ToDo:

   - move implementations of the :ref:`searx.engines loader` to a new module in
     the :py:obj:`searx.enginelib` namespace.


from __future__ import annotations
from typing import List, Callable, TYPE_CHECKING

    from searx.enginelib import traits

[docs] class Engine: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """Class of engine instances build from YAML settings. Further documentation see :ref:`general engine configuration`. .. hint:: This class is currently never initialized and only used for type hinting. """ # Common options in the engine module engine_type: str """Type of the engine (:ref:``)""" paging: bool """Engine supports multiple pages.""" time_range_support: bool """Engine supports search time range.""" safesearch: bool """Engine supports SafeSearch""" language_support: bool """Engine supports languages (locales) search.""" language: str """For an engine, when there is ``language: ...`` in the YAML settings the engine does support only this one language: .. code:: yaml - name: google french engine: google language: fr """ region: str """For an engine, when there is ``region: ...`` in the YAML settings the engine does support only this one region:: .. code:: yaml - name: google belgium engine: google region: fr-BE """ fetch_traits: Callable """Function to to fetch engine's traits from origin.""" traits: traits.EngineTraits """Traits of the engine.""" # settings.yml categories: List[str] """Specifies to which :ref:`engine categories` the engine should be added.""" name: str """Name that will be used across SearXNG to define this engine. In settings, on the result page ..""" engine: str """Name of the python file used to handle requests and responses to and from this search engine (file name from :origin:`searx/engines` without ``.py``).""" enable_http: bool """Enable HTTP (by default only HTTPS is enabled).""" shortcut: str """Code used to execute bang requests (``!foo``)""" timeout: float """Specific timeout for search-engine.""" display_error_messages: bool """Display error messages on the web UI.""" proxies: dict """Set proxies for a specific engine (YAML): .. code:: yaml proxies : http: socks5://proxy:port https: socks5://proxy:port """ disabled: bool """To disable by default the engine, but not deleting it. It will allow the user to manually activate it in the settings.""" inactive: bool """Remove the engine from the settings (*disabled & removed*).""" about: dict """Additional fields describing the engine. .. code:: yaml about: website: wikidata_id: Q306656 official_api_documentation: use_official_api: true require_api_key: true results: HTML """ using_tor_proxy: bool """Using tor proxy (``true``) or not (``false``) for this engine.""" send_accept_language_header: bool """When this option is activated, the language (locale) that is selected by the user is used to build and send a ``Accept-Language`` header in the request to the origin search engine.""" tokens: List[str] """A list of secret tokens to make this engine *private*, more details see :ref:`private engines`."""