Source code for searx.engines.bing_news

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Bing-News: description see :py:obj:``.

.. hint::

   Bing News is *different* in some ways!


# pylint: disable=invalid-name

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING
from urllib.parse import urlencode

from lxml import html

from searx.utils import eval_xpath, extract_text, eval_xpath_list, eval_xpath_getindex
from searx.enginelib.traits import EngineTraits
from import set_bing_cookies

    import logging

    logger: logging.Logger

traits: EngineTraits

# about
about = {
    "website": '',
    "wikidata_id": 'Q2878637',
    "official_api_documentation": '',
    "use_official_api": False,
    "require_api_key": False,
    "results": 'RSS',

# engine dependent config
categories = ['news']
paging = True
"""If go through the pages and there are actually no new results for another
page, then bing returns the results from the last page again."""

time_range_support = True
time_map = {
    'day': 'interval="4"',
    'week': 'interval="7"',
    'month': 'interval="9"',
"""A string '4' means *last hour*.  We use *last hour* for ``day`` here since the
difference of *last day* and *last week* in the result list is just marginally.
Bing does not have news range ``year`` / we use ``month`` instead."""

base_url = ''
"""Bing (News) search URL"""

[docs] def request(query, params): """Assemble a Bing-News request.""" engine_region = traits.get_region(params['searxng_locale'], traits.all_locale) # type: ignore engine_language = traits.get_language(params['searxng_locale'], 'en') # type: ignore set_bing_cookies(params, engine_language, engine_region) # build URL query # # example: page = int(params.get('pageno', 1)) - 1 query_params = { 'q': query, 'InfiniteScroll': 1, # to simplify the page count lets use the default of 10 images per page 'first': page * 10 + 1, 'SFX': page, 'form': 'PTFTNR', 'setlang': engine_region.split('-')[0], 'cc': engine_region.split('-')[-1], } if params['time_range']: query_params['qft'] = time_map.get(params['time_range'], 'interval="9"') params['url'] = base_url + '?' + urlencode(query_params) return params
[docs] def response(resp): """Get response from Bing-Video""" results = [] if not resp.ok or not resp.text: return results dom = html.fromstring(resp.text) for newsitem in eval_xpath_list(dom, '//div[contains(@class, "newsitem")]'): link = eval_xpath_getindex(newsitem, './/a[@class="title"]', 0, None) if link is None: continue url = link.attrib.get('href') title = extract_text(link) content = extract_text(eval_xpath(newsitem, './/div[@class="snippet"]')) metadata = [] source = eval_xpath_getindex(newsitem, './/div[contains(@class, "source")]', 0, None) if source is not None: for item in ( eval_xpath_getindex(source, './/span[@aria-label]/@aria-label', 0, None), # eval_xpath_getindex(source, './/a', 0, None), # eval_xpath_getindex(source, './div/span', 3, None), link.attrib.get('data-author'), ): if item is not None: t = extract_text(item) if t and t.strip(): metadata.append(t.strip()) metadata = ' | '.join(metadata) thumbnail = None imagelink = eval_xpath_getindex(newsitem, './/a[@class="imagelink"]//img', 0, None) if imagelink is not None: thumbnail = '' + imagelink.attrib.get('src') results.append( { 'url': url, 'title': title, 'content': content, 'img_src': thumbnail, 'metadata': metadata, } ) return results
[docs] def fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits): """Fetch languages and regions from Bing-News.""" # pylint: disable=import-outside-toplevel from import fetch_traits as _f _f(engine_traits) # fix market codes not known by bing news: # In bing the market code 'zh-cn' exists, but there is no 'news' category in # bing for this market. Alternatively we use the the market code from Honk # Kong. Even if this is not correct, it is better than having no hits at # all, or sending false queries to bing that could raise the suspicion of a # bot. # HINT: 'en-hk' is the region code it does not indicate the language en!! engine_traits.regions['zh-CN'] = 'en-hk'