Source code for searx.engines.torznab

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Torznab_ is an API specification that provides a standardized way to query
torrent site for content. It is used by a number of torrent applications,
including Prowlarr_ and Jackett_.

Using this engine together with Prowlarr_ or Jackett_ allows you to search
a huge number of torrent sites which are not directly supported.


The engine has the following settings:

  Torznab endpoint URL.

  The API key to use for authentication.

  The categories to use for searching. This is a list of category IDs.  See
  Prowlarr-categories_ or Jackett-categories_ for more information.

  Whether to show the torrent file in the search results.  Be careful as using
  this with Prowlarr_ or Jackett_ leaks the API key.  This should be used only
  if you are querying a Torznab endpoint without authentication or if the
  instance is private.  Be aware that private trackers may ban you if you share
  the torrent file.  Defaults to ``false``.

  Whether to show the magnet link in the search results.  Be aware that private
  trackers may ban you if you share the magnet link.  Defaults to ``true``.

.. _Torznab:
.. _Prowlarr:
.. _Jackett:
.. _Prowlarr-categories:
.. _Jackett-categories:


from __future__ import annotations
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from typing import List, Dict, Any
from datetime import datetime
from urllib.parse import quote
from lxml import etree  # type: ignore

from searx.exceptions import SearxEngineAPIException
from searx.utils import humanize_bytes

    import httpx
    import logging

    logger: logging.Logger

# engine settings
about: Dict[str, Any] = {
    "website": None,
    "wikidata_id": None,
    "official_api_documentation": "",
    "use_official_api": True,
    "require_api_key": False,
    "results": 'XML',
categories: List[str] = ['files']
paging: bool = False
time_range_support: bool = False

# defined in settings.yml
# example (Jackett): "http://localhost:9117/api/v2.0/indexers/all/results/torznab"
base_url: str = ''
api_key: str = ''
torznab_categories: List[str] = []
show_torrent_files: bool = False
show_magnet_links: bool = True

[docs] def init(engine_settings=None): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Initialize the engine.""" if len(base_url) < 1: raise ValueError('missing torznab base_url')
[docs] def request(query: str, params: Dict[str, Any]) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Build the request params.""" search_url: str = base_url + '?t=search&q={search_query}' if len(api_key) > 0: search_url += '&apikey={api_key}' if len(torznab_categories) > 0: search_url += '&cat={torznab_categories}' params['url'] = search_url.format( search_query=quote(query), api_key=api_key, torznab_categories=",".join([str(x) for x in torznab_categories]) ) return params
[docs] def response(resp: httpx.Response) -> List[Dict[str, Any]]: """Parse the XML response and return a list of results.""" results = [] search_results = etree.XML(resp.content) # handle errors: if search_results.tag == "error": raise SearxEngineAPIException(search_results.get("description")) channel: etree.Element = search_results[0] item: etree.Element for item in channel.iterfind('item'): result: Dict[str, Any] = build_result(item) results.append(result) return results
[docs] def build_result(item: etree.Element) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Build a result from a XML item.""" # extract attributes from XML # see enclosure: etree.Element | None = item.find('enclosure') enclosure_url: str | None = None if enclosure is not None: enclosure_url = enclosure.get('url') filesize = get_attribute(item, 'size') if not filesize and enclosure: filesize = enclosure.get('length') guid = get_attribute(item, 'guid') comments = get_attribute(item, 'comments') pubDate = get_attribute(item, 'pubDate') seeders = get_torznab_attribute(item, 'seeders') leechers = get_torznab_attribute(item, 'leechers') peers = get_torznab_attribute(item, 'peers') # map attributes to searx result result: Dict[str, Any] = { 'template': 'torrent.html', 'title': get_attribute(item, 'title'), 'filesize': humanize_bytes(int(filesize)) if filesize else None, 'files': get_attribute(item, 'files'), 'seed': seeders, 'leech': _map_leechers(leechers, seeders, peers), 'url': _map_result_url(guid, comments), 'publishedDate': _map_published_date(pubDate), 'torrentfile': None, 'magnetlink': None, } link = get_attribute(item, 'link') if show_torrent_files: result['torrentfile'] = _map_torrent_file(link, enclosure_url) if show_magnet_links: magneturl = get_torznab_attribute(item, 'magneturl') result['magnetlink'] = _map_magnet_link(magneturl, guid, enclosure_url, link) return result
def _map_result_url(guid: str | None, comments: str | None) -> str | None: if guid and guid.startswith('http'): return guid if comments and comments.startswith('http'): return comments return None def _map_leechers(leechers: str | None, seeders: str | None, peers: str | None) -> str | None: if leechers: return leechers if seeders and peers: return str(int(peers) - int(seeders)) return None def _map_published_date(pubDate: str | None) -> datetime | None: if pubDate is not None: try: return datetime.strptime(pubDate, '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z') except (ValueError, TypeError) as e: logger.debug("ignore exception (publishedDate): %s", e) return None def _map_torrent_file(link: str | None, enclosure_url: str | None) -> str | None: if link and link.startswith('http'): return link if enclosure_url and enclosure_url.startswith('http'): return enclosure_url return None def _map_magnet_link( magneturl: str | None, guid: str | None, enclosure_url: str | None, link: str | None, ) -> str | None: if magneturl and magneturl.startswith('magnet'): return magneturl if guid and guid.startswith('magnet'): return guid if enclosure_url and enclosure_url.startswith('magnet'): return enclosure_url if link and link.startswith('magnet'): return link return None
[docs] def get_attribute(item: etree.Element, property_name: str) -> str | None: """Get attribute from item.""" property_element: etree.Element | None = item.find(property_name) if property_element is not None: return property_element.text return None
[docs] def get_torznab_attribute(item: etree.Element, attribute_name: str) -> str | None: """Get torznab special attribute from item.""" element: etree.Element | None = item.find( './/torznab:attr[@name="{attribute_name}"]'.format(attribute_name=attribute_name), {'torznab': ''}, ) if element is not None: return element.get("value") return None