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# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Processors for engine-type: ``online_currency``


import unicodedata
import re

from import CURRENCIES
from .online import OnlineProcessor

parser_re = re.compile('.*?(\\d+(?:\\.\\d+)?) ([^.0-9]+) (?:in|to) ([^.0-9]+)', re.I)

def normalize_name(name):
    name = name.lower().replace('-', ' ').rstrip('s')
    name = re.sub(' +', ' ', name)
    return unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', name).lower()

def name_to_iso4217(name):
    name = normalize_name(name)
    currency = CURRENCIES['names'].get(name, [name])
    if isinstance(currency, str):
        return currency
    return currency[0]

def iso4217_to_name(iso4217, language):
    return CURRENCIES['iso4217'].get(iso4217, {}).get(language, iso4217)

[docs] class OnlineCurrencyProcessor(OnlineProcessor): """Processor class used by ``online_currency`` engines.""" engine_type = 'online_currency'
[docs] def get_params(self, search_query, engine_category): """Returns a set of :ref:`request params <engine request online_currency>` or ``None`` if search query does not match to :py:obj:`parser_re`.""" params = super().get_params(search_query, engine_category) if params is None: return None m = parser_re.match(search_query.query) if not m: return None amount_str, from_currency, to_currency = m.groups() try: amount = float(amount_str) except ValueError: return None from_currency = name_to_iso4217(from_currency.strip()) to_currency = name_to_iso4217(to_currency.strip()) params['amount'] = amount params['from'] = from_currency params['to'] = to_currency params['from_name'] = iso4217_to_name(from_currency, 'en') params['to_name'] = iso4217_to_name(to_currency, 'en') return params
def get_default_tests(self): tests = {} tests['currency'] = { 'matrix': {'query': '1337 usd in rmb'}, 'result_container': ['has_answer'], } return tests