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# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Processors for engine-type: ``online_url_search``


import re
from .online import OnlineProcessor

re_search_urls = {
    'http': re.compile(r'https?:\/\/[^ ]*'),
    'ftp': re.compile(r'ftps?:\/\/[^ ]*'),
    'data:image': re.compile('data:image/[^; ]*;base64,[^ ]*'),

[docs] class OnlineUrlSearchProcessor(OnlineProcessor): """Processor class used by ``online_url_search`` engines.""" engine_type = 'online_url_search'
[docs] def get_params(self, search_query, engine_category): """Returns a set of :ref:`request params <engine request online>` or ``None`` if search query does not match to :py:obj:`re_search_urls`. """ params = super().get_params(search_query, engine_category) if params is None: return None url_match = False search_urls = {} for k, v in re_search_urls.items(): m = v = None if m: url_match = True v = m[0] search_urls[k] = v if not url_match: return None params['search_urls'] = search_urls return params