Source code for searx.engines.dailymotion

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
Dailymotion (Videos)

.. _Global API Parameters:
.. _Video filters API:
.. _Fields selection:


from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from urllib.parse import urlencode
import time
import babel

from import get, raise_for_httperror  # see
from searx.utils import html_to_text
from searx.exceptions import SearxEngineAPIException
from searx.locales import region_tag, language_tag
from searx.enginelib.traits import EngineTraits

    import logging

    logger: logging.Logger

traits: EngineTraits

# about
about = {
    "website": '',
    "wikidata_id": 'Q769222',
    "official_api_documentation": '',
    "use_official_api": True,
    "require_api_key": False,
    "results": 'JSON',

# engine dependent config
categories = ['videos']
paging = True
number_of_results = 10

time_range_support = True
time_delta_dict = {
    "day": timedelta(days=1),
    "week": timedelta(days=7),
    "month": timedelta(days=31),
    "year": timedelta(days=365),

safesearch = True
safesearch_params = {
    2: {'is_created_for_kids': 'true'},
    1: {'is_created_for_kids': 'true'},
    0: {},
"""True if this video is "Created for Kids" / intends to target an audience
under the age of 16 (``is_created_for_kids`` in `Video filters API`_ )

family_filter_map = {
    2: 'true',
    1: 'true',
    0: 'false',
"""By default, the family filter is turned on. Setting this parameter to
``false`` will stop filtering-out explicit content from searches and global
contexts (``family_filter`` in `Global API Parameters`_ ).

result_fields = [
"""`Fields selection`_, by default, a few fields are returned. To request more
specific fields, the ``fields`` parameter is used with the list of fields
SearXNG needs in the response to build a video result list.

search_url = ''
"""URL to retrieve a list of videos.

- `Global API Parameters`_
- `Video filters API`_

iframe_src = "{video_id}"
"""URL template to embed video in SearXNG's result list."""

def request(query, params):

    if not query:
        return False

    eng_region: str = traits.get_region(params['searxng_locale'], 'en_US')  # type: ignore
    eng_lang = traits.get_language(params['searxng_locale'], 'en')

    args = {
        'search': query,
        'family_filter': family_filter_map.get(params['safesearch'], 'false'),
        'thumbnail_ratio': 'original',  # original|widescreen|square
        'languages': eng_lang,
        'page': params['pageno'],
        'password_protected': 'false',
        'private': 'false',
        'sort': 'relevance',
        'limit': number_of_results,
        'fields': ','.join(result_fields),

    args.update(safesearch_params.get(params['safesearch'], {}))

    # Don't add localization and country arguments if the user does select a
    # language (:de, :en, ..)

    if len(params['searxng_locale'].split('-')) > 1:
        args['localization'] = eng_region
        args['country'] = eng_region.split('_')[1]
        # Insufficient rights for the `ams_country' parameter of route `GET /videos'
        # 'ams_country': eng_region.split('_')[1],

    time_delta = time_delta_dict.get(params["time_range"])
    if time_delta:
        created_after = - time_delta
        args['created_after'] = datetime.timestamp(created_after)

    query_str = urlencode(args)
    params['url'] = search_url + query_str

    return params

# get response from search-request
def response(resp):
    results = []

    search_res = resp.json()

    # check for an API error
    if 'error' in search_res:
        raise SearxEngineAPIException(search_res['error'].get('message'))


    # parse results
    for res in search_res.get('list', []):

        title = res['title']
        url = res['url']

        content = html_to_text(res['description'])
        if len(content) > 300:
            content = content[:300] + '...'

        publishedDate = datetime.fromtimestamp(res['created_time'], None)

        length = time.gmtime(res.get('duration'))
        if length.tm_hour:
            length = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S", length)
            length = time.strftime("%M:%S", length)

        thumbnail = res['thumbnail_360_url']
        thumbnail = thumbnail.replace("http://", "https://")

        item = {
            'template': 'videos.html',
            'url': url,
            'title': title,
            'content': content,
            'publishedDate': publishedDate,
            'length': length,
            'thumbnail': thumbnail,

        # HINT: no mater what the value is, without API token videos can't shown
        # embedded
        if res['allow_embed']:
            item['iframe_src'] = iframe_src.format(video_id=res['id'])


    # return results
    return results

[docs] def fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits): """Fetch locales & languages from dailymotion. Locales fetched from `api/locales <>`_. There are duplications in the locale codes returned from Dailymotion which can be ignored:: en_EN --> en_GB, en_US ar_AA --> ar_EG, ar_AE, ar_SA The language list `api/languages <>`_ contains over 7000 *languages* codes (see PR1071_). We use only those language codes that are used in the locales. .. _PR1071: """ resp = get('') if not resp.ok: # type: ignore print("ERROR: response from dailymotion/locales is not OK.") for item in resp.json()['list']: # type: ignore eng_tag = item['locale'] if eng_tag in ('en_EN', 'ar_AA'): continue try: sxng_tag = region_tag(babel.Locale.parse(eng_tag)) except babel.UnknownLocaleError: print("ERROR: item unknown --> %s" % item) continue conflict = engine_traits.regions.get(sxng_tag) if conflict: if conflict != eng_tag: print("CONFLICT: babel %s --> %s, %s" % (sxng_tag, conflict, eng_tag)) continue engine_traits.regions[sxng_tag] = eng_tag locale_lang_list = [x.split('_')[0] for x in engine_traits.regions.values()] resp = get('') if not resp.ok: # type: ignore print("ERROR: response from dailymotion/languages is not OK.") for item in resp.json()['list']: # type: ignore eng_tag = item['code'] if eng_tag in locale_lang_list: sxng_tag = language_tag(babel.Locale.parse(eng_tag)) engine_traits.languages[sxng_tag] = eng_tag