Dailymotion (Videos)

searx.engines.dailymotion.fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits)[source]

Fetch locales & languages from dailymotion.

Locales fetched from api/locales. There are duplications in the locale codes returned from Dailymotion which can be ignored:

en_EN --> en_GB, en_US
ar_AA --> ar_EG, ar_AE, ar_SA

The language list api/languages contains over 7000 languages codes (see PR1071). We use only those language codes that are used in the locales.

searx.engines.dailymotion.family_filter_map = {0: 'false', 1: 'true', 2: 'true'}

By default, the family filter is turned on. Setting this parameter to false will stop filtering-out explicit content from searches and global contexts (family_filter in Global API Parameters ).

searx.engines.dailymotion.iframe_src = 'https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/{video_id}'

URL template to embed video in SearXNG’s result list.

searx.engines.dailymotion.result_fields = ['allow_embed', 'description', 'title', 'created_time', 'duration', 'url', 'thumbnail_360_url', 'id']

Fields selection, by default, a few fields are returned. To request more specific fields, the fields parameter is used with the list of fields SearXNG needs in the response to build a video result list.

searx.engines.dailymotion.safesearch_params = {0: {}, 1: {'is_created_for_kids': 'true'}, 2: {'is_created_for_kids': 'true'}}

True if this video is “Created for Kids” / intends to target an audience under the age of 16 (is_created_for_kids in Video filters API )

searx.engines.dailymotion.search_url = 'https://api.dailymotion.com/videos?'

URL to retrieve a list of videos.