Source code for searx.infopage

# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-or-later
"""Render SearXNG instance documentation.

Usage in a Flask app route:

.. code:: python

  from searx import infopage

  _INFO_PAGES = infopage.InfoPageSet(infopage.MistletoePage)

  @app.route('/info/<pagename>', methods=['GET'])
  def info(pagename):

      locale = request.preferences.get_value('locale')
      page = _INFO_PAGES.get_page(pagename, locale)


__all__ = ['InfoPage', 'InfoPageSet']

import os
import os.path
import logging
import typing

import urllib.parse
from functools import cached_property
import jinja2
from flask.helpers import url_for
from markdown_it import MarkdownIt

from .. import get_setting
from ..version import GIT_URL
from ..locales import LOCALE_NAMES

logger = logging.getLogger('searx.infopage')
_INFO_FOLDER = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))

[docs] class InfoPage: """A page of the :py:obj:`online documentation <InfoPageSet>`.""" def __init__(self, fname): self.fname = fname @cached_property def raw_content(self): """Raw content of the page (without any jinja rendering)""" with open(self.fname, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as f: return @cached_property def content(self): """Content of the page (rendered in a Jinja context)""" ctx = self.get_ctx() template = jinja2.Environment().from_string(self.raw_content) return template.render(**ctx) @cached_property def title(self): """Title of the content (without any markup)""" t = "" for l in self.raw_content.split('\n'): if l.startswith('# '): t = l.strip('# ') return t @cached_property def html(self): """Render Markdown (CommonMark_) to HTML by using markdown-it-py_. .. _CommonMark: .. _markdown-it-py: """ return ( MarkdownIt("commonmark", {"typographer": True}).enable(["replacements", "smartquotes"]).render(self.content) )
[docs] def get_ctx(self): """Jinja context to render :py:obj:`InfoPage.content`""" def _md_link(name, url): url = url_for(url, _external=True) return "[%s](%s)" % (name, url) def _md_search(query): url = '%s?q=%s' % (url_for('search', _external=True), urllib.parse.quote(query)) return '[%s](%s)' % (query, url) ctx = {} ctx['GIT_URL'] = GIT_URL ctx['get_setting'] = get_setting ctx['link'] = _md_link ctx['search'] = _md_search return ctx
def __repr__(self): return f'<{self.__class__.__name__} fname={self.fname!r}>'
[docs] class InfoPageSet: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """Cached rendering of the online documentation a SearXNG instance has. :param page_class: render online documentation by :py:obj:`InfoPage` parser. :type page_class: :py:obj:`InfoPage` :param info_folder: information directory :type info_folder: str """ def __init__( self, page_class: typing.Optional[typing.Type[InfoPage]] = None, info_folder: typing.Optional[str] = None ): self.page_class = page_class or InfoPage self.folder: str = info_folder or _INFO_FOLDER """location of the Markdown files""" self.CACHE: typing.Dict[tuple, typing.Optional[InfoPage]] = {} self.locale_default: str = 'en' """default language""" self.locales: typing.List[str] = [ locale.replace('_', '-') for locale in os.listdir(_INFO_FOLDER) if locale.replace('_', '-') in LOCALE_NAMES ] """list of supported languages (aka locales)""" self.toc: typing.List[str] = [ 'search-syntax', 'about', 'donate', ] """list of articles in the online documentation"""
[docs] def get_page(self, pagename: str, locale: typing.Optional[str] = None): """Return ``pagename`` instance of :py:obj:`InfoPage` :param pagename: name of the page, a value from :py:obj:`InfoPageSet.toc` :type pagename: str :param locale: language of the page, e.g. ``en``, ``zh_Hans_CN`` (default: :py:obj:`InfoPageSet.i18n_origin`) :type locale: str """ locale = locale or self.locale_default if pagename not in self.toc: return None if locale not in self.locales: return None cache_key = (pagename, locale) if cache_key in self.CACHE: return self.CACHE[cache_key] # not yet instantiated fname = os.path.join(self.folder, locale.replace('-', '_'), pagename) + '.md' if not os.path.exists(fname):'file %s does not exists', fname) self.CACHE[cache_key] = None return None page = self.page_class(fname) self.CACHE[cache_key] = page return page
[docs] def iter_pages(self, locale: typing.Optional[str] = None, fallback_to_default=False): """Iterate over all pages of the TOC""" locale = locale or self.locale_default for page_name in self.toc: page_locale = locale page = self.get_page(page_name, locale) if fallback_to_default and page is None: page_locale = self.locale_default page = self.get_page(page_name, self.locale_default) if page is not None: # page is None if the page was deleted by the administrator yield page_name, page_locale, page