Online /info

Render SearXNG instance documentation.

Usage in a Flask app route:

from searx import infopage

_INFO_PAGES = infopage.InfoPageSet(infopage.MistletoePage)

@app.route('/info/<pagename>', methods=['GET'])
def info(pagename):

    locale = request.preferences.get_value('locale')
    page = _INFO_PAGES.get_page(pagename, locale)
class searx.infopage.InfoPage(fname)[source]

A page of the online documentation.


Jinja context to render InfoPage.content

property content

Content of the page (rendered in a Jinja context)

property html

Render Markdown (CommonMark) to HTML by using markdown-it-py.

property raw_content

Raw content of the page (without any jinja rendering)

property title

Title of the content (without any markup)

class searx.infopage.InfoPageSet(page_class: Type[InfoPage] | None = None, info_folder: str | None = None)[source]

Cached rendering of the online documentation a SearXNG instance has.

  • page_class (InfoPage) – render online documentation by InfoPage parser.

  • info_folder (str) – information directory

get_page(pagename: str, locale: str | None = None)[source]

Return pagename instance of InfoPage

  • pagename (str) – name of the page, a value from InfoPageSet.toc

  • locale (str) – language of the page, e.g. en, zh_Hans_CN (default: InfoPageSet.i18n_origin)

iter_pages(locale: str | None = None, fallback_to_default=False)[source]

Iterate over all pages of the TOC

folder: str

location of the Markdown files

locale_default: str

default language

locales: List[str]

list of supported languages (aka locales)

toc: List[str]

list of articles in the online documentation