Tor check plugin

A plugin to check if the ip address of the request is a Tor exit-node if the user searches for tor-check. It fetches the tor exit node list from and parses all the IPs into a list, then checks if the user’s IP address is in it.

Enable in settings.yml:

  - 'Tor check plugin'
searx.plugins.tor_check.description = 'This plugin checks if the address of the request is a Tor exit-node, and informs the user if it is; like, but from SearXNG.'

Translated description of the plugin. = 'Tor check plugin'

Translated name of the plugin

searx.plugins.tor_check.preference_section = 'query'

The preference section where the plugin is shown.

searx.plugins.tor_check.query_examples = ''

Query examples shown in the preferences.

searx.plugins.tor_check.query_keywords = ['tor-check']

Query keywords shown in the preferences.