Installation Script

The following will install a setup as shown in the reference architecture. First you need to get a clone of the repository. The clone is only needed for the installation procedure and some maintenance tasks.

Jump to a folder that is readable by others and start to clone SearXNG, alternatively you can create your own fork and clone from there.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ git clone searxng
$ cd searxng

To install a SearXNG reference setup including a uWSGI setup as described in the Step by step installation and in the uWSGI section type:

$ sudo -H ./utils/ install all


For the installation procedure, use a sudoer login to run the scripts. If you install from root, take into account that the scripts are creating a searxng user. In the installation procedure this new created user does need to have read access to the cloned SearXNG repository, which is not the case if you clone it into a folder below /root!

When all services are installed and running fine, you can add SearXNG to your HTTP server. We do not have any preferences regarding the HTTP server, you can use whatever you prefer.

We use caddy in our docker image and we have implemented installation procedures for: