Search API

The search supports both GET and POST.

Furthermore, two endpoints / and /search are available for querying.


GET /search



The search query. This string is passed to external search services. Thus, SearXNG supports syntax of each search service. For example, SearXNG is a valid query for Google. However, if simply the query above is passed to any search engine which does not filter its results based on this syntax, you might not get the results you wanted.

See more at Search syntax


Comma separated list, specifies the active search categories (see Configured Engines)


Comma separated list, specifies the active search engines (see Configured Engines).

languagedefault from search:

Code of the language.

pagenodefault 1

Search page number.


[ day, month, year ]

Time range of search for engines which support it. See if an engine supports time range search in the preferences page of an instance.


[ json, csv, rss ]

Output format of results. Format needs to be activated in search:.

results_on_new_tabdefault 0

[ 0, 1 ]

Open search results on new tab.

image_proxydefault from server:

[ True, False ]

Proxy image results through SearXNG.

autocompletedefault from search:

[ google, dbpedia, duckduckgo, mwmbl, startpage, wikipedia, stract, swisscows, qwant ]

Service which completes words as you type.

safesearchdefault from search:

[ 0, 1, 2 ]

Filter search results of engines which support safe search. See if an engine supports safe search in the preferences page of an instance.

themedefault simple

[ simple ]

Theme of instance.

Please note, available themes depend on an instance. It is possible that an instance administrator deleted, created or renamed themes on their instance. See the available options in the preferences page of the instance.


List of enabled plugins.


Hash_plugin, Self_Information, Tracker_URL_remover, Ahmia_blacklist


Hash_plugin, Self_Information, Tracker_URL_remover, Ahmia_blacklist,

Hostnames_plugin, Open_Access_DOI_rewrite, Vim-like_hotkeys, Tor_check_plugin

disabled_plugins: optional

List of disabled plugins.


Hostnames_plugin, Open_Access_DOI_rewrite, Vim-like_hotkeys, Tor_check_plugin


see values from enabled_plugins

enabled_enginesoptionalall engines

List of enabled engines.

disabled_enginesoptionalall engines

List of disabled engines.