base_url:  # change this!
    port: 8888
    bind_address: ""
    secret_key: "ultrasecretkey"           # change this!
    limiter: false
    public_instance: false
    image_proxy: false
      X-Content-Type-Options : nosniff
      X-Download-Options : noopen
      X-Robots-Tag : noindex, nofollow
      Referrer-Policy : no-referrer

The base URL where SearXNG is deployed. Used to create correct inbound links.

port & bind_address: $SEARXNG_PORT & $SEARXNG_BIND_ADDRESS

Port number and bind address of the SearXNG web application if you run it directly using python searx/ Doesn’t apply to a SearXNG services running behind a proxy and using socket communications.


Used for cryptography purpose.


Rate limit the number of request on the instance, block some bots. The Limiter requires a redis: database.

public_instance : $SEARXNG_PUBLIC_INSTANCE

Setting that allows to enable features specifically for public instances (not needed for local usage). By set to true the following features are activated:


Allow your instance of SearXNG of being able to proxy images. Uses memory space.

default_http_headers :

Set additional HTTP headers, see #755