static_use_hash: false
  default_locale: ""
  query_in_title: false
  infinite_scroll: false
  center_alignment: false
  cache_url: https://web.archive.org/web/
  default_theme: simple
    simple_style: auto
  search_on_category_select: true
  hotkeys: default
static_use_hash :

Enables cache busting of static files.

default_locale :

SearXNG interface language. If blank, the locale is detected by using the browser language. If it doesn’t work, or you are deploying a language specific instance of searx, a locale can be defined using an ISO language code, like fr, en, de.

query_in_title :

When true, the result page’s titles contains the query it decreases the privacy, since the browser can records the page titles.


When true, automatically loads the next page when scrolling to bottom of the current page.

center_alignmentdefault false

When enabled, the results are centered instead of being in the left (or RTL) side of the screen. This setting only affects the desktop layout (min-width: @tablet)


URL prefix of the internet archive or cache, don’t forget trailing slash (if needed). The default is https://web.archive.org/web/ alternatives are:

default_theme :

Name of the theme you want to use by default on your SearXNG instance.


Style of simple theme: auto, light, dark


Open result links in a new tab by default.


Perform search immediately if a category selected. Disable to select multiple categories.


Hotkeys to use in the search interface: default, vim (Vim-like).