MediaWiki Engine

The MediaWiki engine is a generic engine to query Wikimedia wikis by the MediaWiki Action API. For a query action all Wikimedia wikis have endpoints that follow this pattern:



In its actual state, this engine is implemented to parse JSON result (format=json) from a search query (list=search). If you need other action and list types ask SearXNG developers to extend the implementation according to your needs.




searx.engines.mediawiki.base_url: str = 'https://{language}'

Base URL of the Wikimedia wiki.


ISO 639-1 language code (en, de, fr ..) of the search language.

searx.engines.mediawiki.search_type: str = 'nearmatch'

Which type of search to perform. One of the following values: nearmatch, text or title.

See srwhat argument in list=search documentation.

searx.engines.mediawiki.srenablerewrites: bool = True

Enable internal query rewriting (Type: boolean). Some search backends can rewrite the query into another which is thought to provide better results, for instance by correcting spelling errors.

See srenablerewrites argument in list=search documentation.

searx.engines.mediawiki.srprop: str = 'sectiontitle|snippet|timestamp|categorysnippet'

Which properties to return.

See srprop argument in list=search documentation.

searx.engines.mediawiki.srsort: str = 'relevance'

Set the sort order of returned results. One of the following values: create_timestamp_asc, create_timestamp_desc, incoming_links_asc, incoming_links_desc, just_match, last_edit_asc, last_edit_desc, none, random, relevance, user_random.

See srenablerewrites argument in list=search documentation.

searx.engines.mediawiki.timestamp_format = '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ'

The longhand version of MediaWiki time strings.