Peertube Engines

Peertube Video

Peertube and SepiaSearch do share (more or less) the same REST API and the schema of the JSON result is identical.

searx.engines.peertube.fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits)[source]

Fetch languages from peertube’s search-index source code.

See videoLanguages in commit 8ed5c729 - Refactor and redesign client

searx.engines.peertube.request(query, params)[source]

Assemble request for the Peertube API


Parse video response from SepiaSearch and Peertube instances.

searx.engines.peertube.base_url = ''

Base URL of the Peertube instance. A list of instances is available at:


SepiaSearch uses the same languages as Peertube and the response is identical to the response from the peertube engines.

searx.engines.sepiasearch.request(query, params)[source]

Assemble request for the SepiaSearch API