This engine uses the Qwant API (https://api.qwant.com/v3) to implement Qwant -Web, -News, -Images and -Videos. The API is undocumented but can be reverse engineered by reading the network log of https://www.qwant.com/ queries.

For Qwant’s web-search two alternatives are implemented:

  • web: uses the api_url which returns a JSON structure

  • web-lite: uses the web_lite_url which returns a HTML page


The engine has the following additional settings:

This implementation is used by different qwant engines in the settings.yml:

- name: qwant
  qwant_categ: web-lite  # alternatively use 'web'
- name: qwant news
  qwant_categ: news
- name: qwant images
  qwant_categ: images
- name: qwant videos
  qwant_categ: videos



Parse results from Qwant’s API


Parse results from Qwant-Lite

searx.engines.qwant.request(query, params)[source]

Qwant search request

searx.engines.qwant.api_url = 'https://api.qwant.com/v3/search/'

URL of Qwant’s API (JSON)

searx.engines.qwant.max_page = 5

5 pages maximum (&p=5): Trying to do more just results in an improper redirect

searx.engines.qwant.qwant_categ = None

One of web-lite (or web), news, images or videos

searx.engines.qwant.web_lite_url = 'https://lite.qwant.com/'

URL of Qwant-Lite (HTML)