YaCy is a free distributed search engine, built on the principles of peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

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The engine has the following (additional) settings:

The base_url has to be set in the engine named yacy and is used by all yacy engines.

- name: yacy
  engine: yacy
  categories: general
  search_type: text
  shortcut: ya
    - https://yacy.searchlab.eu
    - https://search.lomig.me
    - https://yacy.ecosys.eu
    - https://search.webproject.link

- name: yacy images
  engine: yacy
  categories: images
  search_type: image
  shortcut: yai
  disabled: true


searx.engines.yacy.base_url: list | str = 'https://yacy.searchlab.eu'

The value is an URL or a list of URLs. In the latter case instance will be selected randomly.

searx.engines.yacy.http_digest_auth_pass = ''

HTTP digest password for the local YACY instance

searx.engines.yacy.http_digest_auth_user = ''

HTTP digest user for the local YACY instance

searx.engines.yacy.search_mode = 'global'

Yacy search mode global or local. By default, Yacy operates in global mode.


Peer-to-Peer search


Privacy or Stealth mode, restricts the search to local yacy instance.

searx.engines.yacy.search_type = 'text'

One of text, image / The search-types app, audio and video are not yet implemented (Pull-Requests are welcome).