An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design. Piped’s architecture consists of 3 components:


The backend_url and frontend_url has to be set in the engine named piped and are used by all piped engines

- name: piped
  engine: piped
  piped_filter: videos
  frontend_url: https://..
    - https://..
    - https://..

- name: piped.music
  engine: piped
  network: piped
  shortcut: ppdm
  piped_filter: music_songs

Known Quirks

The implementation to support paging is based on the nextpage method of Piped’s REST API / the frontend API. This feature is next page driven and plays well with the infinite_scroll setting in SearXNG but it does not really fit into SearXNG’s UI to select a page by number.


searx.engines.piped.backend_url: list | str = 'https://pipedapi.kavin.rocks'

Piped-Backend: The core component behind Piped. The value is an URL or a list of URLs. In the latter case instance will be selected randomly. For a complete list of official instances see Piped-Instances (JSON)

searx.engines.piped.frontend_url: str = 'https://piped.video'

Piped-Frontend: URL to use as link and for embeds.

searx.engines.piped.piped_filter = 'all'

Content filter music_songs or videos