Brave Engines

Brave supports the categories listed in brave_category (General, news, videos, images). The support of paging and time range is limited (see remarks).

Configured brave engines:

- name: brave
  engine: brave
  brave_category: search
  time_range_support: true
  paging: true

- name: brave.images
  engine: brave
  brave_category: images

- name: brave.videos
  engine: brave
  brave_category: videos

- name:
  engine: brave
  brave_category: news

- name: brave.goggles
  brave_category: goggles
  time_range_support: true
  paging: true
  brave_category: goggles

Brave regions

Brave uses two-digit tags for the regions like ca while SearXNG deals with locales. To get a mapping, all officiat de-facto languages of the Brave region are mapped to regions in SearXNG (see babel):

"regions": {
  "en-CA": "ca",
  "fr-CA": "ca",


The language (aka region) support of Brave’s index is limited to very basic languages. The search results for languages like Chinese or Arabic are of low quality.

Brave Goggles

Goggles allow you to choose, alter, or extend the ranking of Brave Search results (Goggles Whitepaper). Goggles are openly developed by the community of Brave Search users.

Select from the list of Goggles people have published, or create your own (Goggles Quickstart).

Brave languages

Brave’s language support is limited to the UI (menus, area local notations, etc). Brave’s index only seems to support a locale, but it does not seem to support any languages in its index. The choice of available languages is very small (and its not clear to me where the difference in UI is when switching from en-us to en-ca or en-gb).

In the EngineTraits object the UI languages are stored in a custom field named ui_lang:

"custom": {
  "ui_lang": {
    "ca": "ca",
    "de-DE": "de-de",
    "en-CA": "en-ca",
    "en-GB": "en-gb",
    "en-US": "en-us",
    "es": "es",
    "fr-CA": "fr-ca",
    "fr-FR": "fr-fr",
    "ja-JP": "ja-jp",
    "pt-BR": "pt-br",
    "sq-AL": "sq-al"


searx.engines.brave.fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits)[source]

Fetch languages and regions from Brave.

searx.engines.brave.Goggles = typing.Any

Brave supports common web-search, videos, images, news, and goggles search.

  • search: Common WEB search

  • videos: search for videos

  • images: search for images

  • news: search for news

  • goggles: Common WEB search with custom rules

searx.engines.brave.brave_spellcheck = False

Brave supports some kind of spell checking. When activated, Brave tries to fix typos, e.g. it searches for food when the user queries for fooh. In the UI of Brave the user gets warned about this, since we can not warn the user in SearXNG, the spellchecking is disabled by default.

searx.engines.brave.max_page = 10

Tested 9 pages maximum (&offset=8), to be save max is set to 10. Trying to do more won’t return any result and you will most likely be flagged as a bot.

searx.engines.brave.paging = False

Brave only supports paging in brave_category search (UI category All) and in the goggles category.

searx.engines.brave.time_range_support = False

Brave only supports time-range in brave_category search (UI category All) and in the goggles category.