Seekr Engines Seeker Score

Seekr is a privately held search and content evaluation engine that prioritizes credibility over popularity.


The engine has the following additional settings:

This implementation is used by seekr engines in the settings.yml:

- name: seekr news
  seekr_category: news
- name: seekr images
  seekr_category: images
- name: seekr videos
  seekr_category: videos

Known Quirks

The implementation to support paging is based on the nextpage method of Seekr’s REST API. This feature is next page driven and plays well with the infinite_scroll setting in SearXNG but it does not really fit into SearXNG’s UI to select a page by number.


searx.engines.seekr.api_key = 'srh1-22fb-sekr'

API key / reversed engineered / is still the same one since 2022.

searx.engines.seekr.seekr_category: str = 'unset'

Search category, any of news, videos or images.