Discourse Forums

Discourse is an open source Internet forum system. To search in a forum this engine offers some additional settings:


To search in your favorite Discourse forum, add a configuration like shown here for the paddling.com forum:

- name: paddling
  engine: discourse
  shortcut: paddle
  base_url: 'https://forums.paddling.com/'
  api_order: views
  categories: ['social media', 'sports']
  show_avatar: true


searx.engines.discourse.api_order = 'likes'

Order method, valid values are: latest, likes, views, latest_topic

searx.engines.discourse.base_url: str = None

URL of the Discourse forum.

searx.engines.discourse.search_endpoint = '/search.json'

URL path of the search endpoint.

searx.engines.discourse.show_avatar = False

Show avatar of the user who send the post.