Anna’s Archive

Anna’s Archive is a free non-profit online shadow library metasearch engine providing access to a variety of book resources (also via IPFS), created by a team of anonymous archivists (AnnaArchivist).


The engine has the following additional settings:

With this options a SearXNG maintainer is able to configure additional engines for specific searches in Anna’s Archive. For example a engine to search for newest articles and journals (PDF) / by shortcut !aaa <search-term>.

- name: annas articles
  engine: annas_archive
  shortcut: aaa
  aa_content: 'magazine'
  aa_ext: 'pdf'
  aa_sort: 'newest'


searx.engines.annas_archive.fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits)[source]

Fetch languages and other search arguments from Anna’s search form.


Check of engine’s settings.

searx.engines.annas_archive.aa_content: str = ''

Anan’s search form field Content / possible values:

book_fiction, book_unknown, book_nonfiction,
book_comic, magazine, standards_document

To not filter use an empty string (default).

searx.engines.annas_archive.aa_ext: str = ''

Filter Anna’s results by a file ending. Common filters for example are pdf and epub.


Anna’s Archive is a beta release: Filter results by file extension does not really work on Anna’s Archive.

searx.engines.annas_archive.aa_sort: str = ''

Sort Anna’s results, possible values:

newest, oldest, largest, smallest

To sort by most relevant use an empty string (default).