Wallhaven is a site created by and for people who like wallpapers.

searx.engines.wallhaven.api_key = ''

If you own an API key you can add it here, further read Rate Limiting and Errors.

searx.engines.wallhaven.safesearch_map = {0: '111', 1: '110', 2: '100'}

Turn purities on(1) or off(0) NSFW requires a valid API key.

100/110/111 <-- Bits stands for: SFW, Sketchy and NSFW

What are SFW, Sketchy and NSFW all about?:

  • SFW = “Safe for work” wallpapers. Grandma approves.

  • Sketchy = Not quite SFW not quite NSFW. Grandma might be uncomfortable.

  • NSFW = “Not safe for work”. Grandma isn’t sure who you are anymore.