Presearch Engine

Presearch supports the search types listed in search_type (general, images, videos, news).

Configured presarch engines:

- name: presearch
  engine: presearch
  search_type: search
  categories: [general, web]

- name: presearch images
  search_type: images
  categories: [images, web]

- name: presearch videos
  search_type: videos
  categories: [general, web]

- name: presearch news
  search_type: news
  categories: [news, web]


By default Presearch’s video category is intentionally placed into:

categories: [general, web]

Search type video

The results in the video category are most often links to pages that contain a video, for instance many links from Preasearch’s video category link content from facebook (aka Meta) or Twitter (aka X). Since these are not real links to video streams SearXNG can’t use the video template for this and if SearXNG can’t use this template, then the user doesn’t want to see these hits in the videos category.

Languages & Regions

In Presearch there are languages for the UI and regions for narrowing down the search. If we set “auto” for the region in the WEB-UI of Presearch and cookie use_local_search_results=false, then the defaults are set for both (the language and the region) from the Accept-Language header.

Since the region is already “auto” by default, we only need to set the use_local_search_results cookie and send the Accept-Language header. We have to set these values in both requests we send to Presearch; in the first request to get the request-ID from Presearch and in the final request to get the result list (see send_accept_language_header).


searx.engines.presearch.search_type = 'search'

must be any of search, images, videos, news