This engine uses the Lemmy API (https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/search), which is documented at lemmy-js-client / Interface Search. Since Lemmy is federated, results are from many different, independent lemmy instances, and not only the official one.


The engine has the following additional settings:

This implementation is used by different lemmy engines in the settings.yml:

- name: lemmy communities
  lemmy_type: Communities
- name: lemmy users
  lemmy_type: Users
- name: lemmy posts
  lemmy_type: Posts
- name: lemmy comments
  lemmy_type: Comments


searx.engines.lemmy.base_url = 'https://lemmy.ml/'

By default, https://lemmy.ml is used for providing the results. If you want to use a different lemmy instance, you can specify base_url.

searx.engines.lemmy.lemmy_type = 'Communities'

Any of Communities, Users, Posts, Comments