Search radio stations from RadioBrowser by Advanced station search API.

searx.engines.radio_browser.fetch_traits(engine_traits: EngineTraits)[source]

Fetch languages and countrycodes from RadioBrowser

searx.engines.radio_browser.station_filters = []

A list of filters to be applied to the search of radio stations. By default none filters are applied. Valid filters are:


Filter stations by selected language. For instance the de from :de-AU will be translated to german and used in the argument language=.


Filter stations by selected country. The 2-digit countrycode of the station comes from the region the user selected. For instance :de-AU will filter out all stations not in AU.


RadioBrowser has registered a lot of languages and countrycodes unknown to babel and note that when searching for radio stations, users are more likely to search by name than by region or language.